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About Therapy

Therapy gives you the opportunity to talk about your experiences, thoughts and feelings that perhaps you have never been able to discuss openly.

Even with support from family and friends there may be times in your life when you need a different kind of support.  Therapy provides someone who is not emotionally invested in your life and can give a different perspective and objective insight into your situation. 

Therapy provides a confidential, non-judgemental space for you to explore the things in your life which may not be working for you.  It is not a magic solution, but it does enable you to look at how you relate to others and to life's ups and downs, what you would like to change in your life and what you would just like to accept.

Everyone's past dictates their present and possibly their future. Therapy can help with the possibility of breaking destructive cycles that we can all get caught up in. It is sometimes difficult to understand these behaviours yourself, thoughts and feelings can go round and round in your mind with no escape.  By talking about these things out loud it helps you to explore possible solutions and move towards a resolution. 

With counselling or therapy, communication is a two-way process. It focuses on the problems and difficulties you identify, without judgement. Most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to be heard, time to talk, cry, shout or just think.

By talking to a therapist in Hertfordshire, it can help you to look at your problems in a different way or bring relief by being able to talk to someone without being interrupted.

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